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How can I participate in this Mission?
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How can I participate in this Mission?
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How Can I Participate in this Mission?

This is a brief overview of the mission of Socks for Soldiers, Inc., including the knitting portion of this organization. You may choose to do one duty, or you may choose several. It is a personal choice. All levels of participation welcomed and appreciated.

If you are a knitter or a potential knitter, then it would be advisable, but not mandatory to join the main Yahoo web site. I advise it, because it gives knitters several advantages:

  • They have access to like- minded patriot knitters and supporters all around the world, knitting for the same mission.
  • They have the advantage of immediate updates, pertinent information, and as well as the availability of wholesale custom dyed regulation yarns at their fingertips. If one cannot afford materials, it will be provided to them, with a simple understanding that the knitted items must be worked on daily, and returned in a timely manner.
  • They have access to seeing first hand the motivation behind the mission, i.e. letters and photos from soldiers, and or their appreciative family members.
  • Provides comradery for families of deployed soldiers, for the purpose of comfort and support.
  • Provides inspiration and encouragement, when new members can speak with older members on how to overcome new knitting skills, and complete their socks.
  • Provides contests, gifts, and many opportunities to be rewarded and encouraged by receiving contest gifts of yarns, sock kits, or other knitting related gadgets
  • Reviving a sense of community as was the American tradition of former eras where if you were not at war, you were at home supporting the efforts to support their men and women. Though we are not meeting locally, in most cases, we are in fact meeting in a new technological era, where we come together via Internet. It meets many needs at the same time, under the umbrella of service to our beloved soldiers. In some ways this innovative internet, and international knitting circle have enhanced the former local knitting groups in past wars. It allows members, no matter their standing or walk in life to join together in the virtual living rooms of our homes, to knit, communicate, and share our lives outside of knitting. It enables us to instantly access materials, information and photos that would have taken months to receive in past eras.

Link to join the interactive Yahoo web

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Socks for Soldiers Inc.
C/O Kim Opperman, President
665 Hilock Road
Columbus, OH 43207

Phone Number: (419)-689-9666

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