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Socks for Soldiers Inc.

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Welcome to Socks For Soldiers!
We are a 501C (3) Non Profit Charity organization that is about sending gifts of love to our soldiers in the Middle East. We are not interested in the politics in this war, but in showing support to our troops by each sending love in a special thoughtful way. When we knit a pair of socks for one soldier we are sharing part of ourselves. We ask for your assistance in this mission of love. If you cannot knit a pair of socks, we also have room for volunteers and donors to cover the cost of shipping. We have a great team effort here with dedicated knitters who share in the dream of showing support to our American sons and daughters. Every single member plays a critical role in this endeavor. This effort has become a reality through our teams of organizers, promoters, and knitters. We have representatives of all branches of the Military, including the Red Cross, America Legion, and VFW. Our dream is to send 150,000 pairs of socks. We hope you decide to stay and join in. Endorsed by Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple & InterweavePress Magazines-Fall 2006-07, awarded by The State of Ohio and the Governor’s office, and 1 of 3 finalists in the Microsoft above & beyond Awards.

Kim Opperman~ President and founder of SOCKS FOR SOLDIERS,INC.


Socks for Soldiers, Inc.

665 Hilock Road

Columbus, OH 43207

Email Address: sfslady1@gmail.com

Phone Number: (419)-689-9666